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''Who's Report Will you Believe and Stop Wondering and Claim your Promise'' Pastor Kevin and Ida McCroskey
Tue 2/13/2018   0:39:51
'' I Know You Can See BUT How is Your Vision'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Mon 1/29/2018   1:22:08
''God With a Future'' Evangelist Audrey Sexton
Sun 1/21/2018   0:50:31
''Rebuilding'' Pastor Charles Williams
Sat 1/20/2018   0:42:51
I (God) need YOU to do ONE THING!! Before I (God) can BLESS YOU with double
Tue 1/9/2018   0:56:04
Youth Sunday Fruit Of The Spirit
Thu 1/4/2018   1:11:04
Word Of God by Pastor Watson, Bishop Sexton and Evangelist Sexton
Thu 1/4/2018   1:05:22
''Your Situation is Hopeless without Jesus'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Mon 12/11/2017   1:03:17
''The Purpose of Pain'' Min. Kevin Hervey
Mon 12/11/2017   0:31:28
''What do I do Now!!! Bishop Andre Sexton
Fri 12/1/2017   1:10:25
''OneThing'' Pastors Atticus and Marge
Mon 11/20/2017   1:00:55
Dark Place Part 6 ''Making Your Dark Place A Place Of Yes'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Tue 11/14/2017   1:23:15
Dark Place Part 5 '' Can You Be Blessed In A Dark Place'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Tue 11/14/2017   1:30:05
''The Arrmor of God'' Pastor Kevin Mccroskey
Tue 10/31/2017   1:25:33
''From A Cave Mentality to Purpose'' Pastor Beverly Watson
Wed 10/25/2017   0:50:47
''Moving Foward and NOT looking back'' Minister Ida McCroskey
Sun 10/15/2017   1:05:34
Dark Place Part 4 ''You might be OR have been in a DARK PLACE But either way We Need You Now!!!'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Sun 10/1/2017   1:39:12
Dark Place Part 3 ''Things that helped me come out of My dark place'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Mon 9/25/2017   1:24:45
''Are you Living in Obedience or are you just Living'' Minister Ida McCroskey
Wed 9/20/2017   1:24:41
Part 2 ''Repentance Restoration, State Of Emergency'' Bishop Larnie White
Mon 9/11/2017   1:26:45
Part 1 ''Repentance Restoration, State Of Emergency'' Bishop Larnie White
Sun 9/10/2017   1:36:29
Dark Place Part 2 ''I must take a closer look at Dark Places'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Tue 9/5/2017   1:17:59
Dark Place Part 1 ''A Closer Look At Dark Places'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Wed 8/30/2017   1:49:02
''For In Him we live and move and have our being'' Chosen and Faithful
Mon 8/28/2017   1:29:58
''Great Is Thy Faithfulness'' Iron Sharpens Iron
Mon 8/28/2017   1:09:03
''You are in the presence of THE ANOINTING... How are you being affected'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Mon 8/28/2017   0:52:16
''Everybody ought to Know Whos Jesus Is'' Elder Alice McCroy
Wed 7/12/2017   1:19:55
''Agent Of Change'' Pastor Chris Richardson
Sun 7/2/2017   1:25:26
''Praising Above Your Problem'' Pastor Kevin McCroskey
Sun 6/25/2017   1:08:23
''Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures'' Pastor Kevin McCroskey
Sun 6/18/2017   1:10:26
''What's Holding Up Everything God has For Me'' Bishop Andre Sexton, Pastor and Founder of Calvary's Rock Church Ministries
Tue 6/13/2017   1:03:43
Calvary's Rock Prayer Class Pt 3
Sun 2/26/2017   1:42:47
Calvary's Rock Church Prayer Training Class
Wed 2/8/2017   1:55:20
''Do You Know To Whom You Belong'' Pastor Oliver Jackson
Wed 2/1/2017   1:38:42
Women's-Sunday-Pastor Sarah Williams and Pastor Beverly Watson
Sat 1/21/2017   1:05:20
''Why My Prison Doors Are Not Opening'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Sun 12/4/2016   1:21:24
''Who Do You Expect To Come In Your MAYDAY Moment'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Sun 12/4/2016   0:54:55
''A Kingdom Shift in Leadership'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Mon 10/10/2016   1:42:41
''Who or What have hindered you? Keep On Running!!!'' Bishop Andre Sexton
Sun 9/18/2016   1:34:15