Affordable For Any Sized Church
Over 95% of our clients have their live streaming needs met with our $49/month or $79/month live streaming packages. Most of our clients don't pay a penny more than $49/month! With Sunday Streams there are no hidden fees, no billing surprises, and no overage charges. If your ministry's streaming needs grow beyond the package you are on, then we'll reach out to you with affordable customized options weeks or months before charging you a penny more than your current package. Plus, all packages come with a 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee! Why pay extra for resources you do not use with "unlimited" streaming services when you can easily meet your church's current and future streaming needs with our affordable packages. View our pricing summary page to learn more.
Phone, Email, & Screenshare Support
All our streaming packages come with free phone, email, and screenshare support. We are here to assist you with every aspect of streaming, such as getting setup for your first broadcast, fine tuning your settings to maximize the quality of your broadcasts, assisting you with integrating your broadcasts onto your website, and much more. When you call technical support you are talking with experienced support team members that have direct access to the programmers, developers, and founders of Sunday Streams. We look forward to helping you with any aspect of streaming so please don't hesitate to contact us. Visit our Support page for more information.
Mobile Compatible
The Sunday Streams platform supports both live broadcasts and on demand videos for Apple iOS and Android devices via our HTML5 players. The mobile device detection player system is included for both the Go Player and iFrame Embed (see below) with all packages, which allows for mobile viewing directly in the mobile device without the need to download an app. However, for those users that prefer to use apps, we do also offer native iOS an Android apps (see below) with all our packages as well as customized apps with our $79/month package.
Absolutely No Ads
Sunday Streams is totally commercial and advertisement free, so you'll never have to worry about your viewers seeing annoying ads or inappropriate recommended videos during your worship services.
Broadcast in HD Resolutions
With Sunday Streams you can broadcast in HD quality with any of our packages. In addition, for improved compatibility with different viewer setups, such as mobile users or users in areas with low Internet connection speeds, we also offer optional multi bit rate streaming with all our packages. This way you can have a very high resolution primary stream while still providing a lower resolution stream for devices that cannot handle the higher bit rate streams.
Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming
Our players automatically detect the users' bandwidth and device settings to display the best stream for their device. Plus, if desired, users can manually select which bit rate and resolution version they prefer to watch with the manual selection option within the video player itself.
Embed on Your Own Website
You can embed the iFrame player or Go Player directly on your own website with all our packages. With our responsive players you can easily integrate with your traditional or responsive website with a simple copy/paste of the embed code. You can have your Sunday Streams video player installed on your website in just a few minutes.
Go Player
The Sunday Streams Go Player can be a stand-alone web player or embedded directly in your website. Features include design/color customization, live and archive videos, Bible, live online chat, geographic stats, Facebook and Twitter integration, worship service schedule and countdown timer, and other integration tools. Apple iOS and Android viewers can watch directly in the Go Player and the Go Player's Responsive Design auto adjusts to fit properly based on the device's screen resolution. No more "pinching and zooming" with mobile devices to try to view things at their appropriate sizes. Both mobile and regular computer viewers can have a full online campus type experience when viewing your broadcasts. Learn more about the Go Player.
Multi-Platform Stream Distribution
Automatically and simultaneously reach multiple streaming platforms such as Facebook or YouTube, Periscope, and even custom RTMP destinations with our Multi-Platform Streaming Distribution system. Once you send your stream to Sunday Streams we can automatically distribute your stream to other destinations. Distribute up to 3 additional streams with our $79/mo package, or 1 additional destination such as Facebook or YouTube with our $49/mo package.
Social Sharing
If you enable it, viewers can easily share your live broadcasts and on-demand videos. Videos are automatically embedded directly in Facebook and Twitter! Social sharing is simply a button click away.
Sanctified Streaming
The Sunday Streams player does not force you to have any third-party links to platforms such as YouTube and Facebook so you can keep your player dedicated to your broadcasts and separated from worldly influences and distractions.
Responsive Design
Sunday Streams players all feature a responsive option which automatically adapt the player to the screen size used by the viewer. Our Go Player features this option as well as our iFrame embed code (see above). The responsive design greatly improves the viewer's experience and also makes integrating with your own website or other third party players (such as Church Online Platform) easy.
Native iOS & Android Apps
The Sunday Streams iOS and Android apps are included with all our packages and are a free download for viewers through iTunes or Google Play. Mobile viewers on iOS and Android devices can also view directly in their mobile device without the need to download the app. In addition, with our $79/month package, customized iOS and Android apps are available which are individually created for your church and can be submitted to iTunes and Google Play (view pricing) under your church name (view samples). This makes them searchable in the app stores by searching for your church name. Plus, with the customized apps, you can send push notifications and have many other types of content. For example, you can include your own Facebook, Twitter, location map, giving, calendar, and other custom tabs. Learn more about our native app options.
Direct Chromecast Integration
Your viewers can easily cast your live broadcasts and on-demand videos directly to their Chromecast-connected TV from their Chrome browser.
Apple TV Channel
With the Sunday Streams Apple TV channel you now have the option to give your viewers the ability to watch your live broadcasts and video archives directly on their TV through their Apple TV devices. Apple TV® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Roku Channel
With the Sunday Streams Roku channel you now have the option to give your viewers the ability to watch your live broadcasts and video archives directly on their TV through their Roku devices. Not sure what Roku is or what it does? Roku is small hardware device that costs around $50 and enables viewers to watch live and on-demand broadcasts, such as your Sunday Streams broadcast, on virtually any TV with their existing Internet connection. In addition, with our $79/month package, you can get your own customized Roku channel which is individually created for your church with your logo, colors, icon graphics, and is submitted to the Roku Channel Directory under your church name (view samples). This makes it searchable in the Roku Channel Directory by searching for your church name. Learn more about our Roku channel options. ROKU and the ROKU Logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Roku, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
FREE VidBlasterX Home Edition
VidBlasterX Home Edition is included with all our streaming packages and free trials -- For FREE! Learn more at VidBlasterX.com
Works with Popular Encoders
The Sunday Streams platform is compatible with most popular RTMP encoders (H.264/AAC). This includes software encoders such as VidBlaster, vMix, Wirecast, as well as our own Sunday Streams Live Encoder (which is included for free with all packages). Also, many hardware encoders such as Paladin, 1Beyond StreamMachine, NewTek TriCaster, Cerevo LiveShell PRO, TeraDek VidiU, and Viewcast Niagara 2200 are compatible with the Sunday Streams platform. Our system is also compatible with the Wowza GoCoder for streaming from your iOS mobile device. If you already have one of these encoders, or any other RTMP encoder system (H.264/AAC), please feel free to test with our 30-day free trial to confirm all works as expected. If you are looking to purchase a new system, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to review your streaming needs and help direct you to a compatible system to meet your needs and budget.
Real Time Google Analytics
With the Sunday Streams' Google Analytics Real-Time integration you can monitor viewer activity in real time.
Geographic & Usage Stats
In your Sunday Streams Manager Reports section you will find reports for your live viewers and archives as well as your account usage summaries. Additional reports include our geographic report, our geographic map report in the Go Player, and our diagnostic reports to help you fine tune your streaming settings. Many of the reports have "Export Options" to export the data to spreadsheet applications for further detailed review.
Live Chat
Live online chat powered by Sunday Streams Chat is included with all our packages. You also have the option to integrate with third party chat providers such as Chatroll and Cbox.
Unlimited Viewers
Our standard packages accommodate the needs of 95% of our users without any overages. However, if you are one of our clients that need a larger custom package we can work with you to customize a package to meet your needs. Our system can scale up to handle very large broadcasts with virtually an unlimited amount of simultaneous viewers. Please contact us for pricing/package options for large single events as well as ongoing high volume needs.
Automatic Recording of Archives
The Sunday Streams platform automatically records your broadcasts on our servers for quick and easy activation once your broadcasts are completed (i.e. no need to upload videos after each broadcast). Please keep in mind that it is a recommended best practice to record a local backup as well in case your local Internet connection is lost, or if you have any other technical issues with your equipment, you can then upload your local backup to our system for your viewers.
Zero Click Archiving
You have the option to automatically turn broadcasts you make into public on-demand archives. By using this option your broadcasts will automatically be posted to your players after your broadcasts ends.
Audio Only & Podcasts
With the Sunday Streams service, we offer a stand-alone audio only player as well as access to audio files created from each of your broadcasts and uploaded video files. You can provide access to these audio files through a number of players such as iTunes with your podcast feed, your custom website, and your custom apps.
Online Giving
Easily use secure giving options such as PayPal, Tithe.ly, and many others! With the Sunday Streams system, activating a giving option in your Go Player, Sunday Streams website, or Sunday Streams customized apps is as easy as copying and pasting a link or username. Plus, for an easy user giving experience, both the Go Player and iFrame embed codes have links to your giving options directly in the video players themselves!
Recommended Hardware
For quick and affordable setup options, we provide a list of popular recommended live streaming hardware options. These are far from the only options that work with our system and you can certainly build your own custom setup using similar products (see our software encoders and streaming hardware as well as video capture devices and hardware help sections for more options), but these general configuration guides can be very helpful in getting you up and running quickly with some easy to use hardware options.
Hardware Rental
Our rentals are optional and available for clients on any of our streaming packages. There are many equipment options that work well with Sunday Streams, and you aren't limited to utilizing these devices, but these are some of the most popular and cost effective options we've found. You can purchase any of these type of devices on your own; however, with our rental program we pre-configure the devices to work with your account and have a device replacement guarantee with no down payment. Click here for more info about our Hardware Rentals.
Video Captioning
You've already expanded your ability to reach your congregation through your broadcasts. Now unlock your video's full potential to reach congregants who may need help hearing what's being said. You've devoted countless hours to developing your sermon and message, but for those with hearing loss, your message is not accessible. Through captions, your message will be available to all. Note: The creation of the caption files is not included with Sunday Streams packages as the creation of captioning files involves you being billed separately by a third party captioning and transcribing service that we work closely with (contact us for pricing details), however, the ability to integrate these caption files with your on-demand archives is included as part of both the $49/month and $79/month packages.
API Integration
With the Sunday Streams API you can integrate your Sunday Streams media with your own apps, Roku, HTML5, or other custom players. This allows you to fully customize your viewing system and options to fully meet your own custom design and interface needs. API access is a free service with all of our packages.
30-Day Free Trial
Our 30-day free trial comes with everything our $49 package comes with including free phone and email support. You don't even need to provide us with a credit card to begin your free trial. Even if you are not sure if you have all the right equipment, requesting the free trial is a great way to start as one of our helpful support agents will reach out to you to review your setup and help you get up and running. If you don't have all the hardware you need we are happy to reinstate your free trial after you get all the equipment so that you are sure to have the full 30 days to test the Sunday Streams platform. Request your 30-day free trial.
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