Avon Park Camp Association
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Live Streaming will commence in December of 2017
Avon Park Camp Association Info

Avon Park Camp Meeting was founded by Dr. H. C. Morrison and Rev. James H. Green. The grounds were given by Rev. John A. Taylor, for whom the Tabernacle is named.

We proclaim with special emphasis the Biblical Doctrine of entire sanctification as a definite work of grace subsequent to regeneration, as taught by John Wesley.

Avon Park is on US Highway 27, between Lake Wales and Sebring, Florida.
Greetings in the strong name of Jesus,

Welcome to the Avon Park Holiness Camp Meeting and residential community web site. It has been our joy to proclaim the message of full salvation from a Wesleyan perspective for seventy-five years. Our annual camp meeting is scheduled for February 2nd through February 12th, 2017. You will be blessed by outstanding and anointed preaching and music. This is a time of great spiritual blessing and wonderful fellowship. You are cordially invited to come and be a part of this spiritually refreshing camp meeting experience. The old sawdust trail and hard benches are now gone. You can enjoy comfortable pews and an air conditioned tabernacle.

The delicious meals in the dining room are reasonable and served home style. This lends itself to wonderful fellowship. However, it is the bountiful spiritual food served in the teaching and preaching services each day that makes the camp a wonderful place to be. For many it is a spiritual oasis in the midst of a hot and dry desert. On this web site you will find information about the accommodations. Our excellent staff are determined to make this a refreshing experience for you.

Ella Mae and I are looking forward to welcoming you to the Avon Park holiness camp meeting.

Yours in Christ,

Thomas H. Hermiz

Website: www.avonpark.org
(78th annual Encampment Brochure available here)

863-453-6831, Rosa Meek, Office

863-449-7974, Dale Dorothy, Business Director, Building and Grounds

860-214-7552, Gary Good, Technical Contact
Email the Tech team at aphctech@gmail.com
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