Avon Park Camp Association
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Live Broadcast Schedule
Friday: 7:00pm
Live Streaming will commence on Friday evenings at 7:00pm starting on November 3 of 2017
Avon Park Camp Association Info

Avon Park Camp Meeting was founded by Dr. H. C. Morrison and Rev. James H. Green. The grounds were given by Rev. John A. Taylor, for whom the Tabernacle is named.

We proclaim with special emphasis the Biblical Doctrine of entire sanctification as a definite work of grace subsequent to regeneration, as taught by John Wesley.

Avon Park is on US Highway 27, between Lake Wales and Sebring, Florida.
Greetings in Jesus' name,

Hurricane force winds and rain pounded the Avon Park Holiness camp grounds. Dale Dorothy and his team are working hard on the needed repairs. We are confident that everything will be in excellent shape very soon.

I want to thank each of you who have already responded to our disaster relief appeal. Your generosity is a great source of encouragement. May the Lord bless you for your kindness and prayers.

I want to remind you that camp starts this year on Sunday night, February 4th. I will be speaking in that service. Monday, February 5th will be missionary day all day. Our camp meeting team and schedule will begin with the early morning prayer meeting, Bible Hour and the two regular morning and evening preaching services thru February 11.

We have an outstanding team of workers once again. Our evangelists Nelson Perdue and J.K. Warrick are outstanding holiness preachers. Our Bible teacher, Chris Bounds, is a brilliant scholar and excellent communicator. Mike and Denise Cork sing beautifully and will lead us in worship. I am genuinely excited about having this excellent team.

You really will not want to miss camp meeting 2018.

Warm Regards,
-- Tom Hermiz

Website: www.avonpark.org
(79th annual Encampment Brochure available here)

863-453-6831, Brenda Bartolomeo, Office

863-449-7974, Dale Dorothy, Business Director, Building and Grounds

860-214-7552, Gary Good, Technical Contact
Email the Tech team at aphctech@gmail.com
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