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Who Are You Walking With - Lay Servant Linwood Reynolds
Sun 11/18/2018   1:02:02
Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
Sun 11/4/2018   1:33:44
I Am Thirsty - Rev. Dr. Kendrick Weaver
Sun 10/28/2018   1:29:21
The Perils of Purpose
Sun 10/21/2018   1:39:50
The Word Still Works! - PART IV
Sun 10/14/2018   2:07:44
The Word Still Works! - PART III
Sun 10/7/2018   1:09:42
Brooks United Methodist Church Info

Brooks Church - "Where the Worship, the Word and the Witness are Worth the Trip"

Our Vision - Loving God - Loving People - Loving Self & Loving Service

Our Mission - Is to Equip, Encourage, Empower & "E" mpact disciples for Jesus Christ.

Rev. Jason L. Robinson, Pastor