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Sun Evening (Wickerham) Visible Progress
Sun 11/11/2018   0:52:45
Sun Morning (Holder) Living Sacrifices
Sun 11/11/2018   1:04:10
Sun Evening (Wickerham) How to Pray for the Persecuted
Sun 11/4/2018   1:00:48
Sun Morning (Holder) Thinking Biblically about Politics
Sun 11/4/2018   1:07:00
Sun Evening (Daniel Lee) How do i get ''In Christ?''
Sun 10/28/2018   1:02:33
Sun Morning (Holder) Thinking Biblically about Government
Sun 10/28/2018   1:20:01
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Paul's Prescription 1 Timothy 4
Sun 10/21/2018   1:02:08
Sun Morning (Holder) Jesus the Lord of lords and King of kings
Sun 10/21/2018   1:01:39
Sat Fall Forum - (Dick Modin, Brian Gilliam, Allyn Moseley, Leroy Shumake)
Sat 10/20/2018   4:00:29
Friday Night - Fall Forum (Dick Modin, Brian Gilliam, Allyn Moseley, Leroy Shumake)
Fri 10/19/2018   1:33:09
Sun Evening (Holder) This is A Test 1 John 3
Sun 10/14/2018   0:55:39
Sun Morning (Wickerham) God the Metal-Smith
Sun 10/14/2018   5:44:07
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Great is the Mystery
Sun 10/7/2018   1:01:31
Sun Morning (Holder) Life Under the Son - Working
Sun 10/7/2018   0:58:55
Sun Evening (Holder) Singing ''Not just talk, But walk''
Sun 9/30/2018   0:56:41
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Trust During Terrible Terror
Sun 9/30/2018   1:07:13
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Dignified Deacons
Sun 9/23/2018   0:51:13
Sun Morning (Holder) Habakkuk ''How Long O Lord''
Sun 9/23/2018   1:14:09
Sun Evening (Holder) Who are we?
Sun 9/16/2018   0:50:30
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Tyre's Sinking Ship EZK. 27-28
Sun 9/16/2018   1:08:39
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Desiring the office of an Overseer
Sun 9/9/2018   1:05:19
Sun Morning (Holder) The Attitudes of Giving
Sun 9/9/2018   1:00:17
Sun Evening (Holder) Singing and Praying
Sun 9/2/2018   0:55:40
Sun Morning (Holder) The Actions of Giving
Sun 9/2/2018   1:01:30
Sun Evening (Holder) Ethiopia 2018 Review
Sun 8/26/2018   1:00:35
Sun Morning (Holder) A Church Problem
Sun 8/26/2018   1:13:08
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Women Must Learn Discreetly
Sun 8/19/2018   1:02:09
Sun Morning (Wickerham) An Ezekiel Story
Sun 8/19/2018   1:11:12
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Quarrel Free Prayers
Sun 8/12/2018   0:55:25
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Discussing Depression
Sun 8/12/2018   1:12:14
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Pray for All Men
Sun 8/5/2018   0:56:48
Sun Morning (Holder) The Heart of the Matter
Sun 8/5/2018   1:28:27
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Singing Service
Sun 7/29/2018   0:56:00
Sun Morning (Holder) Life Under the Son - Leading
Sun 7/29/2018   1:08:52
Sun Evening (Wickerham) False Teaching
Sun 7/22/2018   0:59:00
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Grace has Appeared
Sun 7/22/2018   0:54:09
Sun Evening (Holder) Put Your Hand in the Hand of Jesus
Sun 7/15/2018   0:55:08
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Unforgivable Sin in Mathew
Sun 7/15/2018   0:57:29
Sun Evening (Daniel Lee) Anger
Sun 7/8/2018   0:55:00
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Leading Like Jesus
Sun 7/8/2018   1:02:32
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Maintaining Unity
Sun 7/1/2018   0:57:14
Sun Morning (Holder) Story of the Bible
Sun 7/1/2018   1:21:18
Sun Evening VBS 2018 Introduction
Sun 6/24/2018   0:40:16
Sun Morning (Holder) Miracles in the Big Picture
Sun 6/24/2018   1:12:40
Sun Evening (Daniel Lee) Speak Truthfully, Purposefully and Kindly
Sun 6/17/2018   0:55:12
Sun Morning (Holder) A Father with Focus
Sun 6/17/2018   1:08:20
Sun Evening (Holder) Lessons Learned from Daniel Chapter 3
Sun 6/10/2018   1:06:59
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Stephan Before the Council
Sun 6/10/2018   1:28:19
Sun Evening (Hammons) My Grace is Sufficient for you
Sun 6/3/2018   1:01:51
Sun Morning (Holder) They Devoted Themselves
Sun 6/3/2018   1:04:37
Sun Evening (Holder) Jesus is the Lamb of God
Sun 5/27/2018   0:50:14
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Evangelism In Isreal
Sun 5/27/2018   1:01:17
Sun Evening (Wickerham) i Observe You're Religious
Sun 5/20/2018   1:03:23
Sun Morning (Holder) The Holiness Factor
Sun 5/20/2018   1:14:44
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Creationist Make Good Scientist
Sun 5/13/2018   0:58:30
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Anna and the King I AM
Sun 5/13/2018   0:55:58
Sun Evening (Wickerham) The Evangelistic Psalms
Sun 5/6/2018   0:57:31
Sun Morning (Holder) God's Grief & Grace
Sun 5/6/2018   1:07:51
Sun Morning (Holder) Light & Darkness
Sun 4/29/2018   1:04:25
Sun Evening (Holder) Sharing the Gospel
Sun 4/22/2018   0:58:22
Sun Morning (Wickerham) What are you Wearing?
Sun 4/22/2018   1:14:18
Sun Evening (Holder + Stevens) Singing/Readings
Sun 4/15/2018   0:50:35
Sun Morning (Tim Stevens) Singing
Sun 4/15/2018   2:00:53
Sat Singing with Tim Stevens Pt.2
Sat 4/14/2018   0:51:25
Sat Singing with Tim Stevens Pt.1
Sat 4/14/2018   0:46:04
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Matthew and the Old Testament
Sun 4/8/2018   1:00:59
Sun Morning (Holder) Life Under the Son - Sharing
Sun 4/8/2018   1:04:11
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Fellow Co-Workers & Comforters
Sun 4/1/2018   0:59:56
Sun Morning (Holder) Doubting and Believing Thomas
Sun 4/1/2018   1:06:53
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Singing and Reading from Revelation
Sun 3/25/2018   0:58:12
Sun Morning (Holder) Grace
Sun 3/25/2018   2:39:22
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Let Peace Rule in your Heart
Sun 3/18/2018   1:02:58
Sun Morning (Holder) Gods Amazing Grace
Sun 3/18/2018   3:37:28
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Rooted & Established in Him
Sun 3/11/2018   1:00:09
Sun Morning (Wickerham) What is His name?
Sun 3/11/2018   1:15:08
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Filled with the Knowledge
Sun 3/4/2018   0:58:48
Sun Morning (Holder) Why Should we believe in Jesus?
Sun 3/4/2018   0:58:56
Sun Evening (Holder) Praise and other things
Sun 2/25/2018   1:08:50
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Eager to Practice Hospitality
Sun 2/25/2018   1:06:57
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Importance of Women in the Old Testament
Sun 2/18/2018   1:05:10
Sun Morning (Holder) Saving Grace
Sun 2/18/2018   0:58:49
Sun Evening (Holder) Jesus Talks About Money
Sun 2/11/2018   1:04:11
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Story of Cities
Sun 2/11/2018   1:06:58
Sun Evening (Holder) Singing
Sun 2/4/2018   0:57:33
Sun Morning (Holder) How do you feel about sin?
Sun 2/4/2018   1:03:25
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Paul's Co-Workers
Sun 1/28/2018   0:56:46
Sun Morning (Holder) Little Things
Sun 1/28/2018   5:37:13
Sun Evening (Wickerham) Singing and Scripture Reading
Sun 1/21/2018   0:53:28
Sun Morning (Wickerham) Devo (Holder) Family Talk
Sun 1/21/2018   1:05:13
Sun Evening (Holder) 3 Phrases Of New Testament
Sun 1/14/2018   0:59:51
Sun Morning (Wickerham) 5 key Passages of Old Testament
Sun 1/14/2018   0:59:24
Sun Evening Singing (Decision and Commitment)
Sun 1/7/2018   0:54:53
Sun Morning (Holder) Life under the Son
Sun 1/7/2018   1:00:52
Castleberry Church of Christ Info

We are Castleberry church - a family of Christians living in the Fort Worth area, brought together by our common relationship with Jesus. We love God and strive to honor him in everything we do, from our weekly worship and Bible classes to our special events to our acts of service. We also love one another and endeavor to strengthen and support one another.

We live stream our worship each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. to the glory of God and the encouragement of his people.