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Have You Counted Up the COST? By Pastor Michael B. Wright Sr.
Wed 4/5/2017   0:40:41
Do You Know What is Written!!!
Wed 3/29/2017   0:33:11
Your Work Is Extremely Important to You By Pastor Michael B. Wright Sr.
Wed 3/22/2017   0:31:07
Take the Veil Off and Finally Get Married!
Wed 3/8/2017   0:34:19
Pastor Michael B. Wright Sr.-You Need to Believe This to the Core of Who You Are!
Wed 2/15/2017   0:37:37
Sun 2/12/2017   0:13:57
Sun 2/12/2017   1:15:47
If you only Knew What God was thinking about You!!!
Wed 2/8/2017   0:21:08
Being Full of Light by Pastor Michael B. Wright Sr.
Wed 2/1/2017   0:26:49
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