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Surviving The Storm of...Temptation-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Wed 4/25/2018   1:10:03
God's Plan For Wounded Warriors-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 4/22/2018   1:18:04
God Is Raising Up An Army-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Sun 4/22/2018   1:35:56
Surviving The Storm of Depression-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Wed 4/18/2018   1:12:12
''Satan, You Are Mistaken''-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 4/15/2018   1:31:19
The Christian Warrior-PT. 2-''Fighting For Your Family.''-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Sun 4/15/2018   1:33:06
Surviving The Storm of... Anxiety-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Wed 4/11/2018   1:13:32
How To Worship In The Wilderness-Rev Tres Ward
Sun 4/8/2018   1:58:25
Help I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up-Rev. Tres Ward
Sun 4/8/2018   1:33:59
Sun 4/8/2018 at 9:45 (0:15:27)
Sun 4/8/2018   0:15:27
''Surviving The Storm of The Unknown-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Wed 4/4/2018   1:16:57
''He Holds The Keys-Easter Is The Proof-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Sun 4/1/2018   1:34:55
''Surviving The Storm of Being Unwanted''-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Wed 3/28/2018   1:09:09
Stay on The Wall-Rev. Beth Stephens Johnson
Sun 3/25/2018   1:48:16
Power in Our Praise-Rev. Beth Stephens Johnson
Sun 3/25/2018   1:44:45
''The Storm of Jealousy''-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Wed 3/21/2018   1:11:45
Resurrection Questions: What is Truth?-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 3/18/2018   1:27:15
The Christian Warrior-Pt. 1-Exposing The Enemy-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Sun 3/18/2018   1:36:50
''Surviving The Storm of Death''-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Wed 3/14/2018   1:08:22
Michael & Leslie Tignor-Missionaries
Sun 3/11/2018   1:34:36
Surviving The Storm of Unbelief-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Wed 3/7/2018   1:10:11
Sun 3/4/2018   1:45:08
''Thinking God's Thoughts on Faith''-Dr. Jerry Nelson
Sun 3/4/2018   1:30:45
Surviving The Storm of Disappointment-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Wed 2/28/2018   1:09:51
''Resurrection Questions: Will The Dead Live Again?''-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 2/25/2018   1:18:29
Knowing God...Through Amazing Grace-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 2/25/2018   1:42:41
Calming The Storm of The Mind-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Wed 2/21/2018   0:59:42
Knowing God-Knowing Who God Is-Dr.Jerry R. Nelson
Sun 2/18/2018   1:41:49
3 Great Facts About God-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 2/18/2018   1:22:32
Surviving The Storm of Stress-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Wed 2/14/2018   1:07:45
''4 Things Immeasurable''-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 2/11/2018   1:22:14
Knowing God-The Secret To God's Favor-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Sun 2/11/2018   1:33:49
Surviving The Storm of Loneliness-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Wed 2/7/2018   1:11:06
Knowing God-4 Great Questions About The Holy Spirit-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 2/4/2018   1:32:00
''Yes Lord''-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 2/4/2018   1:30:44
The Plea for Another Touch-Rev. Merle Hunt
Wed 1/31/2018   1:37:31
Knowing God-The All Conquering Christ-Dr. Jerry R, Nelson
Sun 1/28/2018   1:26:47
Surviving The Storm of Tragedy-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Wed 1/24/2018   1:12:19
Greater Things In 2018-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 1/21/2018   1:34:05
Thinking God's Thoughts on Healing-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Sun 1/21/2018   1:33:17
Sun 1/14/2018   1:09:08
It's Time To Move On-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 1/14/2018   1:40:57
Surviving The Storm of Rejection-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Wed 1/10/2018   1:11:39
After The Ball Drops, Then What-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 12/31/2017   1:26:39
''2018-Not If But When''-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Sun 12/31/2017   1:37:00
Surviving The Storm of Condemnation-Pastor Ricky Nelms
Wed 12/27/2017   1:09:00
The Greatest Gift Ever Given-Dr. Jerry R. Nelson
Sun 12/24/2017   1:35:21
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