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A father's Value By: Co-Pastor Axel
Sun 6/18/2017   0:42:48
God Wants You Well By: Pastor Axel
Sun 6/11/2017   0:43:27
Peace By: Minister Sawyer
Sun 6/4/2017   0:31:05
Perfect Peace By Pastor James Axel
Sun 5/28/2017   0:33:20
Blessings By: Pastor James Axel
Sun 5/21/2017   0:35:08
Knowing Jesus By: Pastor James Axel
Sun 5/7/2017   0:36:05
Faith By: James Axel
Sun 4/23/2017   0:42:52
7 Last Sayings Part 2 By: Pastor and Co-pastor Axel
Sun 4/16/2017   0:54:50
7 Last Sayings Part 1 By: Pastor and Co-pastor Axel
Sun 4/9/2017   0:53:49
Sycamine By: Co-Pastor Axel
Sun 4/2/2017   0:35:20
Pastor James E. Axel
Sun 3/26/2017   0:39:06
Pastor James E. Axel
Sun 3/19/2017   0:32:22
Over Coming Giants By:James Axel
Sun 3/12/2017   0:51:23
God's Approval By: Pastor James Axel
Sun 3/5/2017   0:42:43
Is anything to hard for the Lord By: Min Sawyer
Sun 2/26/2017   0:38:33
Healing By: Pastor Axel
Sun 2/19/2017   0:28:31
Determination By: Co-Pastor
Sun 2/12/2017   0:40:54
You Are Healed By: Pastor James Axel
Sun 2/5/2017   0:47:27
Wisdom 2 By: Pastor James Axel
Sun 1/29/2017   0:37:47
Wisdom by Pastor James Axel
Sun 1/22/2017   0:49:14
How to Fellowship with God by Pastor James Axel
Sun 1/15/2017   0:42:54
You can change by Pastor James Axel
Sun 1/8/2017   0:45:22
Have Faith in God's word by Co-Pastor Axel
Sun 1/1/2017   0:38:11
Co-pastor Axel
Sun 12/25/2016   0:12:47
Christ by James Axel 2
Sun 12/18/2016   0:38:12
First Fruit by Pastor Axel
Sun 12/11/2016   0:46:02
''Change'' by Pastor Axel
Sun 11/27/2016   0:36:07
''Thank You Lord'' by Pastor James Axel
Sun 11/20/2016   0:31:26
''Speak to your Mountain, Pt.II: Pastor James Axel
Sun 11/13/2016   0:03:33
'' Speak to your Mountain Pt. I: Pastor James Axel
Sun 11/13/2016   0:30:19
Tabernacle of Faith Church Info

Welcome to the Tabernacle of Faith Church website.

We are a non-denominational, multi-racial church, led by our faithful Pastor James E. Axel and his wife Co-Pastor Claudia Axel. Here at Tabernacle we believe that Faith comes by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of God. So come out and visit us to give Glory and Honor to God at one of our services. All are welcome, because we believe that "Everybody is Somebody and JESUS IS LORD!"

Our Church Website is :

Live Broadcast Schedule
Sunday: 11:00am
Wednesday: 7:00pm
Service Times:
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Sunday Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 p.m.
Friday Prayer 7:00 p.m.
We are located at:
315 N. Earlton Road
Harve de Grace, MD. 21078
Phone: 443-502-5778