1st United Pentecostal Church of Union City
1st United Pentecostal Church of Union City
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Sun PM 5-19-19 Bro Stan Watson Know The Love Of God
Sun 5/19/2019   1:34:39
Sun AM 5-19-19 Bro Sean Walker Our Path In The Dark
Sun 5/19/2019   1:11:33
Wed 5-15-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle Building Up Yourself
Wed 5/15/2019   1:02:21
Sun AM 5-12-19 Mother's Day Pastor Paul Ray Cagle Come With Us
Sun 5/12/2019   1:15:52
Wed 5-8-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle Surviving Crucial Times
Wed 5/8/2019   1:09:35
Sun PM 5-5-19 Bro Jared Wilkerson The Significance Of Another Stitch
Sun 5/5/2019   1:56:08
Sun AM 5-5-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle 5 Ways To Avoid Evil
Sun 5/5/2019   1:10:10
Wed 5-1-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle Christ's Ambassadors
Wed 5/1/2019   1:04:53
Sun PM 4-28-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle Shall We All Stand
Sun 4/28/2019   2:06:08
Sun AM 4-28-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle Look Who's Here
Sun 4/28/2019   1:15:12
Wed 4-24-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle Four Mark's Of A Genuine Encounter With Jesus
Wed 4/24/2019   1:01:04
Sun AM 4-21-19 Sunday School Easter Celebration Jesus Is Alive
Sun 4/21/2019   1:37:03
Wed 4-17-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle The Table Of The Lord
Wed 4/17/2019   1:01:42
Pastor Paul Ray Cagle's 50th Ministerial Anniversary Bro Marty Johnson Hold On To Your Dreams
Sun 4/14/2019   1:58:46
Pastor Paul Ray Cagle's 50th Ministerial Anniversary Bro Jackie Wilkerson More Than You Can Carry
Sun 4/14/2019   1:35:11
Fri 4-12-19 Section 9 Sheaves for Christ Kick-off Rally
Fri 4/12/2019   1:19:14
Wed 4-10-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle Rejoice
Wed 4/10/2019   1:05:24
Sun PM 4-7-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle Contentment
Sun 4/7/2019   1:26:33
Sun AM 4-7-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle A Nervous Wreck
Sun 4/7/2019   1:20:22
Wed 4-3-19 Bro Jared Wilkerson Becoming Desensitized To The Alarm
Wed 4/3/2019   0:53:49
Sun PM 3-31-19 Bro Mike Autry
Sun 3/31/2019   1:39:15
Sun AM 3-31-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle
Sun 3/31/2019   1:14:08
Wed 3-28-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle Truth Matters
Wed 3/27/2019   1:06:13
Sun PM 1-13-19 Pastor Paul Ray Cagle iBelieve
Sun 1/13/2019   1:48:19
Sun AM 12-16-18 Christmas Cantata
Sun 12/16/2018   1:21:23
1st United Pentecostal Church of Union City Info

At #upcuc, we believe in fulfilling the scripture, gathering together to worship God and encourage one another in the faith (Hebrews 10:24-25) while hearing the anointed Word of God from our pastoral staff and visiting ministers (Romans 10:14, Ephesians 4:11-13).

We believe in one God (Deuteronomy 6:4, James 2:19), and that His Spirit is still poured out today (Acts 2:38-39).

Come be a part of a Book of Acts church!