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The Kettle is Singing Even as it Pours You a Drink, Guest Speaker Rev. Linda Whittenberg
Sun 10/14/2018   1:20:30
James Bond: The Life Worth Living, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 10/7/2018   1:17:19
Josephs Dream: From Poverty to Privilege, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 9/16/2018   1:02:54
Co-Authoring Our Shared Story Services, Dr. Isabel Call
Sun 9/9/2018   0:58:29
Protest and the Measure of All Things, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 9/2/2018   2:57:22
Social Justice Sunday, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 8/26/2018   1:14:58
The Spiritual Nature of Place and How Environmental Advocacy Can Be Spiritual Work. Special Guest, Jerry White Jr.
Sun 8/19/2018   1:05:16
Justice, the Fulcrum of Love, and the Case of Margaret Witt, Guest Speaker Tim Connor
Sun 8/12/2018   1:07:18
Authentic Religion: What We Devote Our Lives To, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 8/5/2018   2:51:36
Religion and the Measure of All Things, Dr. Rev. Todd Eklof
Sun 7/29/2018   1:05:31
Unicorns and Fairies: Exposing the Myths of Our Times, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 7/22/2018   1:15:31
Why I Became a UU and Why I Stay Special Guest Speakers, Mariah McKay, Karen Dorn Steele and Pam Larratt
Sun 7/15/2018   1:02:44
Economics and the Measure of All Things, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 7/8/2018   3:18:15
Giving Back America: An Alternative Independence Day Message, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 7/1/2018   1:12:11
Ignorance is not Bliss: How to Become Wrong, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 6/17/2018   1:11:51
Journalism and the Measure of All Things, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 6/10/2018   1:20:44
A Morning of Ritual, UUCS Bridging Ceremony
Sun 6/3/2018   1:10:09
Criminal Justice and the Measure of All Things. Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 5/27/2018   1:33:28
Lifting Up & Letting Go: Worship in a Unitarian Universalist Context, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 5/20/2018   1:18:01
Education and the Measure of All Things, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 5/13/2018   1:15:14
Conversations with Todd, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 4/29/2018   1:19:49
Climate Change and Our World: The Youth Perspective UUCS Senior High Youth: Bri, Sawyer, Blue and Gwyn.
Sun 4/22/2018   1:01:06
The Kerdceran Way: Practicing the Art of Being Thoughtful (sound issues), Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 4/15/2018   1:12:23
The Truth Myth: Whats Wrong with Being Right, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Wed 4/11/2018   1:20:55
Rise and Shine: The History and Future of Resurrection
Sun 4/1/2018   1:04:17
Transcendentalism and the Cultivation of the Soul' Special Guest Speaker, Rev. Barry Andrews
Sun 3/25/2018   0:55:14
Making Room, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 3/18/2018   1:10:33
Drumpffounded: Church, Politics, and Making Progress in Our Times, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 3/11/2018   1:10:39
The Edict of Torda: Celebrating 450 Years, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 3/4/2018   1:18:28
It Takes a Community: Special Guest Speaker Francis Adewale, Public Defender, Spokane Community Court
Sun 2/25/2018   1:09:51
Our Kids, This Time, Special Guest Speaker Chris Crutcher, Author and Family Therapist
Sun 2/18/2018   1:15:04
Communities of Colorfulness: How to Finally End White Supremacy and Racism in America Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 2/11/2018   1:17:40
Becoming One with the Universe, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 2/4/2018   1:23:29
Dreaming with Devils, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 1/28/2018   1:08:02
The Power of Tomorrow: The Importance of Considering the Legacy Well Leave Behind, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 1/21/2018   1:05:19
Still Life: The Art of Doing Nothing:Part 2, Rev. Dr Todd Eklof
Sun 1/14/2018   1:11:52
Still Life: The Art of Doing Nothing:Part 1, Rev. Dr Todd Eklof
Sun 1/14/2018   0:24:05
Preaching to the Preacher: Reflections on What I Learned in 2017, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 1/7/2018   1:14:10
Childrens Holiday Pageant, Aria Curtis DCFM
Sun 12/17/2017   0:42:57
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Then Gave it Back, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 12/10/2017   0:59:14
Love or Racism: Achieving Human Potential in an Age of White Supremacy 11:00 Service, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 12/3/2017   1:16:36
Love or Racism: Achieving Human Potential in an Age of White Supremacy 9:15 Service, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 12/3/2017   1:09:43
Why UU? Guest Speakers
Sun 11/26/2017   1:03:20
Imagine: A Deeper Look at John Lennons Most Endearing Song Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 11/19/2017   1:10:43
The Wisdom of Jesus: Environmentalism and the Bible Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 11/12/2017   1:10:47
Unitarian Universalist History in a Nutshell Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 11/5/2017   1:29:42
Sustaining Hope Through Social Action, Guest Speaker, Venerable Thubten Chodron
Sun 10/29/2017   1:11:46
Its Not the Thought that Counts: Transforming the World by Changing the Rules, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 10/22/2017   1:11:35
The Voldemort Effect: Magic Words & Taboo Talk, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 10/8/2017   1:06:57
The Long Road Home, Inga Laurent, UUCS Member
Sun 10/1/2017   1:04:40
Spiritualism and Race in the 19th-Century Guest Speaker, Dr. Emily Clark, of the Department of Religious Studies, Gonzaga University.
Sun 9/24/2017   1:02:36
The Lifetime Spread: A Tarot Reading for UUCS, Rev. Todd Eklof, UUCS Minister
Sun 9/17/2017   1:19:45
Small Droplets of a Larger Whole Water Communion and a Celebration of our Community, Aria Curtis, Deborah Jacquemin, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 9/10/2017   1:06:27
1st Service, Small Droplets of a Larger Whole Water Communion and a Celebration of our Community, Aria Curtis, Deborah Jacquemin, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 9/10/2017   0:52:04
Peyote in the Pulpit: What the Plant Spirits Have Taught Me about Preaching Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 9/3/2017   1:11:03
Stand Up, Spokane: In Solidarity for the Victims of Charlottesville, VA
Sun 8/27/2017   0:56:22
Way of the Labyrinth: Opening to the Sacred Journey, Special Guest Speaker Scott Winters
Sun 8/27/2017   1:08:29
Being Thoughtful: A Functionalist Approach to the Mind/Heart Duality, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 8/20/2017   1:14:25
The Naked Emperor: Exposing Some Lies that are Taken as Truth
Sun 8/13/2017   1:13:39
The Best of Times. The Worst of Times: Keeping Hope and Making Progress Today Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 8/6/2017   1:11:44
The Sovereignty of Persons: Better Borders for a Bigger World Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 7/30/2017   1:15:56
The Creative Life: Poetry & More, Guest Speaker Lisa Conger
Sun 7/23/2017   1:07:16
Making Room at the Inn: The Sanctuary Movement Today and What It Means for our Church Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 7/16/2017   1:00:48
Dumbing it Down: A Little Black and White Thinking to Make Understanding Ethics Easy Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 7/9/2017   1:11:39
Becoming Human: The Animal that Never Stops Growing, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 7/2/2017   1:09:15
Chillin with the Villains, Special Guest Speaker, Rev. Dr. Emily Brault
Sun 6/25/2017   1:02:00
PC, Misappropriation, Microaggressions, and Other Forms of Neo-Fascism
Sun 6/18/2017   1:11:31
The Gender Myth: Exploring the Blurry Line Between Male and Female, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 6/11/2017   1:14:55
Bridging A Celebration of the Transition from Youthhood to Adulthood Sr. High Youth and Aria Curtis, Director of Children & Family Ministry
Sun 6/4/2017   1:18:17
A Unitarian with a Dash of Baptist: Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 5/28/2017   1:02:27
Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street: Using the Dialectic Method in Everyday Life
Sun 5/21/2017   1:11:58
Happys Good Friday: A Unitarian Universalist Ministers Reflection on Jesus Crucifixion, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 5/14/2017   1:14:11
Lighting the Way-Celebrating the Sixth Principle Lighting the Way-Celebrating the Sixth Principle Flower Communion Kelsey Christensen, Special Guest Speaker
Sun 4/30/2017   1:08:15
The Creation Spirituality of John Denver
Sun 4/23/2017   1:29:15
April 16, 2017 New Member Welcome
Sun 4/16/2017   0:10:26
We Die Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 4/16/2017   1:17:04
The Power of Legos Creativity and Community Building in our Spiritual Home, Aria Curtis, Director of Children and Family Ministry
Sun 4/9/2017   0:51:43
Hope not Hell: The Time is Now, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof
Sun 4/2/2017   1:20:52
On Choosing the Blue Pill: How We Become Our Own Worst Enemies, Rev. Todd Eklof
Sun 3/26/2017   1:13:38
The Measure of All Things: A Humanistic Approach to Morality, Rev. Todd Eklof
Sun 3/19/2017   1:12:48
Unfolding: Becoming Who You Always Have Been
Sun 3/12/2017   1:09:04
Walking on the Earth a Spiritual Practice Guest Speaker, Susan Becchio
Sun 3/5/2017   1:03:54
Intergenerational Service: Seven Colors, Seven Principles: The Intertwining Principles that Ground our Faith February 26, 2017, Please note there are some Audio issues with this service.
Sun 2/26/2017   0:49:40
The New Calvinism: Countering the Myth of IQ with Theories of Multiple Intelligences
Sun 2/19/2017   1:15:44
Calling all Angels: Helping to Heal our Necrophilous, Autistic, Authoritarian Society
Sun 2/12/2017   1:22:57
Pale Blue Neighborhood
Sun 2/5/2017   1:27:52
Erich Fromm's Personality Types
Sun 1/29/2017   1:14:57
WHAS Seminary: How My Work in TV News Helped Prepare Me for Ministry
Sun 1/22/2017   1:15:46
''Love Your Neighbor as Yourself'' Is it too Much to Ask?
Sun 1/15/2017   1:19:05
The Past, Present and Future of the Black Church in Spokane
Sun 1/8/2017   1:15:18
Requiem Service: Their Lives a Legacy to Us
Sun 1/1/2017   1:12:45
Children's Holiday Pageant
Sun 12/18/2016   0:40:03
Rudolf, Santa and the Red Scare
Sun 12/11/2016   1:10:11
The Growing End of Religious Dialog - Dr. John Sheveland
Sun 12/4/2016   1:20:19
Here We Stand: A UU Response to the Election
Sun 11/13/2016   1:25:29
Opening Our Hearts to Palestinians, Guest Speaker Curt Bell
Sun 11/6/2016   1:06:01
Stone by Stone: Burning the Mortgage Ceremony
Sun 10/23/2016   2:11:39
Going Too Far: Straight Talk on the Plight of the Palestinians
Sun 10/16/2016   1:22:18
UUCS Celebration of our Five Years with Todd and Peggy
Sun 10/9/2016   0:40:49
What I Believe
Sun 10/9/2016   1:20:34
JesUUs: Unitarian Universalism rooted in the ancient teachings of Jesus.
Sun 10/2/2016   1:09:15
Through the Lens Of Resurrection, Rev. Gary Jewel
Sun 9/25/2016   1:03:29
The I Ching & Me: The Story of How this Ancient Chinese Oracle has Helped Transform My LIfe
Sun 9/18/2016   1:08:21
The Sins of Our Fathers: Owning the Long Shadow Cast by American History
Sun 9/11/2016   1:19:03
The Pharaoh's Heart: Getting Unstuck in Our Ways
Sun 9/4/2016   1:12:57
Fundamentalism as a Disorder: A Case for Listing it in the APA's DSM
Sun 8/14/2016   1:05:57
Muslims R Us: Musilm America and the Islamification of Terrorism
Sun 8/7/2016   1:07:36
Lessons from Down Under: What I Learned While Researching and Writing My Dissertation
Sun 7/31/2016   1:15:23
A Small White Feather:
Sun 7/24/2016   1:05:29
The Indian Theory of Existence
Sun 7/17/2016   0:52:10
I Don't Believe in Music-It's Only a Theory_How to Respond to Those Who Don't Believe in Evolution
Sun 7/10/2016   1:02:28
Preaching to the Preacher: Responses to Last Year's Sermons
Sun 7/3/2016   1:10:57
Safer Spokane Oil Train Summit
Wed 6/29/2016   1:25:23
Dr. Russell Kolts: Compassion Psychology
Wed 6/29/2016   0:57:52
Being Revolutionary: Creating Positive Change in Our Era of Upheaval
Sun 6/19/2016   1:11:13
Why We Invent Make Believe Enemies
Sun 6/12/2016   1:16:05
Growing Up UUouth Sunday: The Graduating Class of 2016 and Beyond
Sun 6/5/2016   0:46:40
The Great Escape: Getting Punishment Out of Prison
Sun 5/29/2016   1:13:21
Earth's Bucket List: Things to do Before It's Too Late
Sun 5/22/2016   1:04:14
Roots:The Unitarian Universalism of Jesus
Sun 5/15/2016   1:15:55
Unity Consciousness: The Good Path
Sun 5/8/2016   0:58:22
Learning About Islam: An American Muslim Perspective
Sun 4/24/2016   1:12:35
To Walk in Beauty: The Art of Living
Sun 4/17/2016   1:16:58
The History and Heart of Socialism in America
Sun 4/10/2016   1:12:26
It's Complicated: Beyond the Oversimplification Of Religion
Sun 4/3/2016   1:12:57
Grandfather Fire: Remembering Who We Are
Sun 3/27/2016   1:14:42
Spokane Alliance: Get Involved
Sun 3/20/2016   1:11:47
''Why We are Not a Christian Nation and Why I Wish We Were''
Sun 3/13/2016   1:15:41
Buliding Sanctuary: Where Does Our Faith Begin and Where Does it End?
Sun 3/6/2016   1:14:04
Bad Language: The Etymology of Evil
Sun 2/21/2016   1:12:51
Homo Ethicus: Self-Regulating Individuals
Sun 2/14/2016   1:00:05
Reflections on Hungary
Sun 2/7/2016   1:02:12
Sun 1/31/2016   1:20:42
Works of the Flesh: Embodying Our Faith
Sun 1/24/2016   1:07:47
2016 Requiem Service .1
Mon 1/11/2016   1:04:01
Speaking in Tongues: Unitarian Universalism and the Holy Spirit
Sun 1/10/2016   1:08:19
Speaking in Tongues: Unitarian Universalism & the Holy Spirit
Sun 1/10/2016   1:08:59
Santa Seminary: Conative Dissonace and Serial Thinking
Sun 12/27/2015   1:07:17
Cosmic Advent 2015
Thu 12/24/2015   1:17:02
UUCS: The No Rehearsal Pageant.
Sun 12/20/2015   0:47:49
Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof. The Return to Plato's Cave: Theatre of the Absurd
Mon 12/14/2015   1:00:05
Streaming Live. Every Sunday.
Fri 12/11/2015   0:04:42
Welcome to UUCS.
Fri 12/11/2015   0:08:49
Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof. Dirty Rotten Jokes: Humor in the Age of PC.
Fri 12/11/2015   1:17:07
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