Custom Apps and Roku Samples
The customized apps (available with the $79/month package) are individually created for your church and can be submitted to iTunes and Google Play with the name of the app that you choose, often your church name. Your custom apps can include many features, including push notifications, forms for prayer requests, life group signups, links to online giving and more. Having your own custom app enables your app to have your own unique look and removes the need for someone to enter a Stream ID to display your video content. Learn more about our Custom Apps at our website.
With the Sunday Streams Roku channel, your viewers can watch your live broadcasts and video archives directly on their TV through their Roku devices. In addition, with our $79/month package, you can get your own customized Roku channel. The custom Roku channel is individually created for your church with your logo, colors, icon graphics, and is submitted to the Roku Channel Directory under your church name. This makes it searchable in the Roku Channel Directory by searching for your church name. Learn more about our Custom Roku Channel at our website.
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