Optional Equipment Rentals Feature Comparison
These rentals are optional and available for clients on any of our streaming packages. There are many equipment options that work well with Sunday Streams, and you aren't limited to utilizing these devices, but these are some of the most popular and cost effective options we've found. You can purchase any of these type of devices on your own; however, with our rental program we pre-configure the devices to work with your account and have a device replacement guarantee with no down payment. To order any of the rentals, request them through the "Account Settings -> Upgrades" section of the Sunday Streams Manager. To learn more about these and several other suggestions, please check out our Recommended Hardware page.

In order to qualify for the Sunday Streamer Rental Add-On with no down payment, your must be an active Sunday Streams streaming client. If you are a new trial user, you can simply make your first month's payment to be considered an active account.
Stream without a Computer! *Bring video into Computer
Device Name Cerevo LiveShell X Cerevo LiveShell PRO Cerevo LiveShell 2 Magewell USB Capture HDMI
Purchase Price $699 $449 $299 $299
Rental Price $25/mo $15/mo $10/mo $10/mo
Video Quality Options
HD Output
SD Output
Video Input Options
Connection Image
HDMI Video Input (HD)
Composite Video Input (SD) Requires Adapter Requires Adapter Requires Adapter
Audio Input Options
HDMI Audio Input
Separate Audio Input Requires Adapter Use Computer's Audio Input or Adapter
Additional Information
Multi Bit Rate Streaming Requires 2 Devices Requires 2 Devices Supported in Encoder Software (vMix, Wirecast, SSLE, FMLE, OBS, etc.)
Local Backup Recording Requires External Recorder Requires External Recorder Supported in Encoder Software (vMix, Wirecast, SSLE, FMLE, OBS, etc.)
PC Compatible (Win 7/8/10) No Computer Required No Computer Required No Computer Required
Mac Compatible (10.8+) No Computer Required No Computer Required No Computer Required
* Our internal tests were successful in working with the listed encoders. However, please check with the encoder software's developer which you are using to confirm compatibility. Or, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss compatibility options with you in more detail.

NOTE: For HD streaming, an available upload speed of 3+ Gbps is recommened. Additionally, for HD capture with the Magewell USB Capture device, as USB3 connection is required on the comptuer (only SD video capture is available with USB2 connections).
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