J. Williams, Pilgrim Baptist Church, San Mateo, CA

Your service has been a life saver! You have given us the best stream we have EVER had for 1/10th of what we were paying before, so thank you!
E. Milner, Woodside Baptist Church, Denver, CO

I wanted to say thanks for your excellent customer friendly help while we were getting ready for our Bible Quizzing tournament. The tournament is over and was a big success. The video streaming was received with much gratitude from those that could not attend in person. We had people watching from China, Guam, Turkey and the United States. The emails we got from viewers made all the work worthwhile!
J. Benge, Liberty Baptist Church, Mooresville, NC

Sunday Streams is an excellent Christian streaming company! We have had no problems or complaints since we switched to Sunday Streams. I would highly recommend this company for all of your live streaming needs!
L. Sellman, Brooks United Methodist Church, St. Leonard, MD

You provide the best service a customer could ask for.
D. Fellows, Viewer in Boynton Beach, FL

I'm sending you this while watching our Sunday service at work. For me, the connection with the church is so much stronger when I can watch the Sunday service on Sunday, instead of Tuesday or Wednesday. If you ever need someone to make a plug for this new service, I would be happy to do it.
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