What's New
Go Player v5 and Embed Code v5 Players Launched (June 2017):
The new v5 players are secure (https) HTML5 players and provide additional functionality with a dynamic menu system in a responsive design. View demos: Go Player v5 and Embed Code v5.
Sunday Streams Standard Apps v2 Launched (June 2017):
The newly updated apps now feature all the same tabs found in the Go Player such as tabs for Bible, giving, chat, custom playlists, general info, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The standard v2 apps are included with all packages (custom apps available with the $79/month package).
Secure Embed Code Now Available (May 2017):
Secure https streaming now available with our Embed Code v4.
Faster Archive Publishing System Launched (March 2017):
The time to make an archive available to your viewers is now down to just a few minutes during even our most busy periods such as our Sunday peak periods.
HTML5 Player Launched (February 2017):
The HTML5 player is now available by default for all packages.
Video Trim Open Beta Launched (February 2017):
The ability to trim broadcast videos is now available with all packages. You can now easily trim the start and/or the end of your broadcasts with a few clicks when publishing your videos to your archives section.
HTML5 Video Uploader Launched (February 2017):
Video upload system updated to HTML5 version.
Facebook Live Open Beta Launched (February 2017):
You can now automatically send your live streams directly from the Sunday Streams system to Facebook Live.
Cerevo LiveShell X Rental Now Available (December 2016):
LiveShell X multi bit rate streaming hardware rental now available. Click here for more information.
Sunday Streams Apple TV Launched (November 2016):
Sunday Streams Apple TV channel is now available for all packages.
Storage Space Added to the $79/month Package (August 2016):
The $79/month package now comes with 300 GB of storage space which is an increase of 50% from the 200 GB it used to be. The $79/month package now comes with three times as much storage space (300 GB) and four times as much bandwidth (1000 GB) as the $49/month package.
Sunday Streams Rentals Now Available (February 2016):
Streaming hardware rentals now available. Click here for more information.
Summer 2015 Upgrades Launched (September 2015):
We released our latest major upgrade (a free upgrade for all existing, and inlcuded for all new clients) to the Sunday Streams system including our latest video player with integrated Facebook, Twitter, and email social sharing as well as the ability to embed videos directly in Facebook and Twitter. Also included is the advanced Google Analytics integration which includes "Real Time" analytics as well as our video playlists features to categorize videos directly in the Go Player and/or iFrame embed codes. This upgrade also includes interactive icons in the iFrame and Go Player video screens for downloading your app(s), Roku channel link, Bible, countdown timer, and link to online giving. Plus, this upgrade includes general improvements in the responsive iFrame embed code, API access, as well as improved mobile compatibility. Additionally, the upgrade inlcudes our new adaptive video player system, podcasts, high resolution Roku and iOS/Android app for both live and archives, video quality selection directly in the video player (i.e. pick various bit rate options or "audio only"), direct Chromecast integration, automated archiving after broadcasts, automated encoding for mobile after broadcasts, and the new system now uses mp4 files.
Sunday Streams added as a Streaming Partner with vMix (March 2015):
Setup is now quick and easy with vMix. Simply enter your username and password in the vMix application (version 15+) and the system will auto-import all the basic configuration settings. Get up and running in just a few moments!
24/7 Online Support Database (January 2015):
The new online knowledgebase (KB) is available 24/7/365 as a supplement to our existing phone, email, chat, and screen sharing support currently available to all our clients. At Sunday Streams we are dedicated to providing great support for our system and the clients we are blessed to serve. We plan to continue to be available for live support, as we have since we opened our doors for business back in 2009; this new online support option is simply an addition to our existing support system.
New $79/month Package Launched (September 2014):
Our new $79/month package includes customized iOS and Android apps that are branded with your church's name, logo, icon, and splash image. The customized apps would be listed in iTunes and Google Play under your church name, and once a viewer had your app on their mobile device they can start your app by simply tapping your church's icon. These new customized apps also have many features that aren't available in the standard Sunday Streams apps that come with the $49/month package. For example, the customized apps can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and a map of your location. You also have the ability to create unlimited custom tabs in your apps which can help you integrate your apps with various aspects of your ministry. In addition to the customized apps, the new $79/month package also comes with a customized Roku channel as well as four times more bandwidth (1 TB) and double the amount of storage space (200 GB) than what comes with the $49/month package. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about the new customized apps, customized Roku channel, or the new $79/month package.
Roku Channel Launched (August 2014):
With the Sunday Streams Roku channel you now have the option to give your viewers the ability to watch your live broadcasts and video archives directly on their TV through their Roku devices.
Mobile Apps for iOS and Android Launched (August 2014):
The apps are included with all our packages and are a free download for viewers through iTunes or Google Play. Your mobile viewers can still use their mobile browsers like they have been to watch your broadcasts. However, now you can provide your viewers with the option to watch your broadcasts through our new native iOS or Android apps which enable better compatibility, faster loading speeds, and an intuitive interface.
Improved Mobile Friendly Players (August 2014):
Sunday Streams is pleased to announce that today we released our updated Go Player and iFrame embed codes to further improve mobile reach with our web-based players. This free upgrade was automatically applied to our latest version Go Player and primary iFrame systems. No action is required on your part.
VidBlaster Sunday Streams Edition (August 2014):
VidBlaster is a very powerful and versatile live video production software for the PC. Put yourself in the director seat and easily create amazing video productions using multiple cameras, pre-recorded video and audio, video effects, overlays, and more, while simultaneously streaming live to your Sunday Streams account for your regular computer and mobile viewers.
Major Mobile Enhancements, Improved Manager, and New Support Forum (December 2013):
It has been a very busy final quarter of 2013 and we are pleased to announce many new and exciting enhancements to the Sunday Streams streaming platform for 2014. Our focus has been on enhancing and simplifying things for viewers and admins with our mobile enhancements and Manager upgrades.
Sunday Streams added as Destination Partner with Wirecast (May 2013):
Setup is now quick and easy with Wirecast. Simply enter your username and password in the Wirecast application and the system will auto-import all the basic configuration settings. Get up and running in just a few moments!
Sunday Streams Live Encoder (SSLE), Web App, and Multi Bit Rate Streaming Launched (March 2013):
It has been a busy first quarter of 2013 wrapping up these major new features and we are excited to open them up for use to all our users in a public beta. These features all work together to provide greater mobile coverage including live and on demand viewing for iOS (and the latest Android devices that do not support Flash) in our new responsive design Web App. In addition, with our new Sunday Streams Live Encoder (SSLE) you can stream multiple bit rate broadcasts to provide a higher resolution stream to your desktop viewers and a mobile compatible stream for your mobile viewers (other encoders such as Wirecast will support this feature as well).
New Online Payment System Launched (November 2012):
With our new online payment system located in your Sunday Streams Manager you can now make quick and easy payments securely with your credit card or checking account. You can also setup automated monthly payments or take advantage of our discounted pricing with our yearly pre-payment option. Lastly, you can now view and print invoices as well as payment receipts from the online interface.
New Website Launched (October 2012):
Our new website launched showcasing our live streaming plans and our featured clients' broadcasts.
New Help Articles and Videos Posted (August-September 2012):
Our latest help articles and help videos including the "Top 10 Simple Steps to Improve Your Broadcast Quality" article and our "Audio/Video Input Tutorial" videos are now posted. These are our most recent steps in our mission to constantly improve our help documentation and videos.
Advanced API Integration Launched (July 2012):
Our easy to use embed codes and Go Player are still available for all users, however advanced users now have API access for advanced customizations.
Additional Bandwidth and Storage Space Added (June 2012):
Archive space and bandwidth for all accounts has been dramatically increased. Now, the $49/month account includes up to 100GB of archive storage space (up from 20GB) and monthly bandwidth has been increased to 250GB (up from 162GB). Also, all other account levels have had their archive storage and monthly bandwidth increase in the same proportion. This increase applies to all existing and new accounts.
New Support Database and Support Ticket Systems Launched (May 2012):
The new Support Database and Support Ticket systems have been launched and are designed to improve our online support system.
Improved Stats on Go Player (April 2012):
Our new and improved stats feature on your Go Player now allows you to zoom in and out of regions of the world to see how many and where viewers are watching your worship services. You can add this feature to your Go Player by simply going to your Sunday Streams Manager and clicking the Stats box on the Go Player Customize page.
Go Player (February 2012):
Our Go Player is a free stand-alone web player option you now have for viewers to watch your live and on demand services. It is an integrated, turn-key player that includes many features to provide an enhanced viewing experience. You have the choice to offer the Bible, a place for notes, chat, your worship service schedule, your social media links, and other interactive tools for your visitors to enjoy while watching your live and archived worship services. To see an example, please click here.
Additional Archive Space Added (December 2011):
Archive space for all accounts has been dramatically increased. Now, the $49/month account includes up to 20GB of archive storage space which is up from 5GB (also, all other account levels have had their archive storage space quadrupled). Plus, for those who need even more storage, our Archive Boosts for $10/month have been doubled to 20GB instead of the previous 10GB. This applies to all existing and new accounts as well.
Upload Feature (November 2011):
Now you can upload files from your computer to Sunday Streams and turn them into public archives, which means you can upload previous worship services you recorded prior to streaming with Sunday Streams and include them in your Sunday Streams archive library. Additionally, this will enable you to upload local backups as well as edited files. For details, see our instructional videos..
New iOS Feature for Apple Devices (October 2011):
Your congregation now has the ability to watch your live stream with popular iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods by simply clicking a link on your streaming web page.
Improved Reporting (September 2011):
Our reporting features have expanded. Now you have the ability to receive more comprehensive data on your live and archive stats, including knowing how many viewers watch each archive. Login to your Sunday Streams Manager and click the Reports tab to learn more.
Updated Live and Archive Picture Window Player (September 2011):
Enjoy more versatility and customization with our new live and archive picture window players. For example, you can now specify the exact size you want your picture window to be. Also, you have the ability to upload your own custom splash images for your visitors to see while you are not broadcasting.
Instructional Videos Now Available (September 2011):
Instructional videos such as Introduction to Streaming, How to Embed Live Stream Code, How to Embed Archives Code, and How to Use Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder guide you through the basics of streaming with Sunday Streams.
New & Improved Live Chat (July 2011):
Our new premium live chat feature offers more benefits with extra customization and at no additional charge with your Sunday Streams package.
Rename Archives (February 2011):
With this new feature, you can name and rename the titles of your archive files with ease.
Archive Download (January 2011):
Now you can easily download your archive footage to your computer and burn it to a disc or upload to other websites.
Auto Play (December 2010):
Your stream will automatically start playing for visitors without them needing to click the play button.
Custom Message (December 2010):
You will be able to display a custom message on your picture window when you are not streaming.
Account Manager (August 2010):
With the Sunday Streams Account Manager, you can easily manage your account via your online Account Manager. The Account Manager allows you to access the embed codes for placing Sunday Streams on your existing website and manage other admin features such as billing, account setting adjustments, and much more.
Viewer Stats (August 2010):
Within the Sunday Streams Account Manager, you can access viewer stats through the "Dashboard" and "Reports" tabs. The "Dashboard" tab shows you the current number of viewers and the max viewers for each broadcast. The "Reports" tab shows you daily statistics for max viewers, viewer hours and unique IPs.
Archives (July 2010):
Sunday Streams makes it easy to post archives of your worship services directly on your website in a user friendly archive player. Simply give your broadcast a name and click "make public" and your archive will be up on your website (or hosted at Sunday Streams, if you prefer) for your viewers to watch. You have full control over which broadcasts to post into the on-demand archives.
Live Chat (June 2010):
An addition to Sunday Streams is our online chat feature. Post a chat room next to your live streaming player and give your viewers the opportunity to chat with each other during the broadcast. Chat rooms can be made private (password protected) or public to meet your needs.
These Sunday Streams features are included in your package. Contact us today if you have any questions or need assistance in implementing these great streaming enhancements!
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